Hiring a Professional Face Painter

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Looking for a face painter for your child’s party? Here are the top three things you should know first to be sure you are getting a true professional when you are hiring a professional face painter!

  • First, you want to ask about the product being used on the face. Professional face painting artists will use only FDA approved make-up that is specifically made for use on the skin. You do not want someone using an acrylic or poster paint that could cause a reaction; it’s made for other mediums, not skin.
  • Second, a professional will be insured. Any professional face or body painter should be covered by public liability insurance. Our insurance gives you peace of mind at your Special Event because it reassures you that we take our profession *seriously* – just as we do your event.
  • Third, professionals paint faces for a living. They are not the occasional hobbyist. So, this means they stay up on industry standards, current trends, and are always striving to deliver the best. These three things will ensure that you are hiring a professional who can deliver a safe and fun face painting experience for everyone.

Our talented professionals are all insured, and we can help you find the *best* top professional in your area. For your event, please contact us at www.FaceWorksEvents.com for the best and safest FUN!

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