Let Us Transform Your Next Event with the ‘Art’ of Face Painting!

Face Painting
Face Painting by Face Works Events

We’ll create designs that are sure to have everyone saying “WOW”. Choose from amazing full face transformations, fanciful half faces or elegant eye accents. From frilly and delicate to bold and scary, there’s that perfect something for everyone.

Our favorite is ‘the works‘ where your guests will be fully transformed. Dare to become your favorite animal, princess, rockstar, supermodel, exotic place, or anything else imaginable… maybe an enchanted fairy, cuddly kitten, thirsty vampire, Jurassic dinosaur, or a mighty superhero or sports-crazed fan.

We also offer awesome half face designs and quarter face designs which are way more cool than what traditional carnival ‘cheek art’ used to be.

Generally, our artists can create 10-12 full faces per hour or 20 half faces per hour.  We can go faster (30+ designs per hour) but the designs get much more basic and it’s our desire to not compromise quality for quantity. We like to give every guest a work of art. You are, after all, presenting the most perfect canvas of all and we believe that every face is a gift to paint.

Face Works is sure to make your party or special event colorful, festive, and fun with the magical transformations of Face Painting Artistry. It’s a great attraction for participants and spectators alike and it’s perfect for children, teens and adults too!

Themed parties
Contact-Us-1Are you planning your event around a particular theme? Let us design faces to match. Guests can all be fairies, pirates, animals, or whatever you’d like. Ideal for sporting events too!

Safety Note
Face Works and its Professional Face Artists use the finest quality professional face painting make-up available. All of our products are designed for use on your face and body. All make-up is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and FDA compliant. The make-up can be easily removed with gentle soap and warm water. High standards for cleanliness and safety are maintained at all times.