The Most Realistic Looking Tattoos!

DSC06613Kids and adults will be lining up! There is something transforming about this form of body art. Getting an airbrushed tattoo brings out the bold, the daring, and the fun in all of us.

From a fire-breathing dragon to a delicate rose, guests can choose from hundreds of designs. From very small on an ankle to very large on a back, tattoos can be all black, multi-colored, or glittered for perfect pizzazz. They are waterproof. The best part is guests will be wearing a lovely memento from your special event for up to a week.

Customized Designs
Inquire about having your logo turned into body art for your special promotional event. Great for company trade shows and sporting events.

Safety Note
Airbrush tattoo inks are specifically made for the skin and are FDA approved. With proper care, you can keep your tattoo looking fresh and new for up to a week. Tattoos can be easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. High standards for cleanliness and safety are maintained at all times.