Watch Closely and Be Sure Not to Blink!

Magic with Face Works Events

Defying feats of magic and illusion will have guests speechless and spellbound. Is the hand really quicker than the eye?  Get up close and personal with strolling magicians or captivate your audience with a stage show performance.

STROLLING MAGICIANS: Perfect for cocktail parties, dinner parties, fairs and festivals. Magicians will stroll around bringing the wonder of magic to clusters of guests wherever they are.  It’s an amazing experience when you are so close to the magic yet still have no idea of ‘how it happened’.

MAGIC SHOWS: From the home birthday show to the large stage show, we have a magician for you. Perfect to entertain a large group all at once.  Shows are family friendly with comedy, illusions, and lots of audience participation.  The birthday child or event host will be the star of the show.  Lots of laughter and amazement guaranteed!  Some shows include the appearance of a bunny or dove which is a huge hit with the kids.  Other shows include balloon giveaways at the end of the show or a magic lesson with a free magic trick.

For kids under 8 years old, check out our Silly Clown Shows which are well suited to a younger audience.