Experience the Art of the Human Statue!

From sheer amazement to TONS of laughs, these living statues are a spectacular attraction.

Human statues range from the traditional Roman or Grecian Statue to the Statue of Liberty to a Mime who poses in statue and then comes to life occasionally to interact with the crowd. ¬†Or try the not-so-traditional twisted and tangled Contortionists who hold the most ‘impossible’ poses.

For a real hoot, the funniest is certainly the Potted Living Plant. ¬†Unsuspecting guests walk by this beautiful plant that appears a part of the room’s decor when suddenly the plant reaches out a limb, sneezes, laughs, or says something and the crowd, after initial shock and awe, becomes hilariously hysterical with laughter.

Living Statues
Living Statues by Face Works Events

Want something totally unique? Try our human buffet tables. Perfect for serving appetizers or for name cards or party favors.