Where ‘Saturday Night Live’ meets ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ to create LOL, fall out of your rocker FUNNY!

Our improv troupe has mastered the art of thinking on their feet and having words roll off their tongues.  This is where a lack of preparation and breaking all stage rules become the ultimate gifts to the audience!  The audience decides where the show is going and the story unfolds before you (the actors don’t even know what direction it will go). You’ll be transcended from show to experience.  So sit back, hold on, and enjoy the ride!

Each performance is unrehearsed and completely original. That’s what makes each performance unique and so much fun.  It’s very interactive where guests participate in the improv games and short sketch comedy.

Choose the right dose and delivery of improv for your event…

* Show improv
Perfect for the sheer improv entertainment experience.  Customized for your audience size.  Can be done for house parties, schools, organizations, or corporations where guests are free to let loose and laugh out loud.

* Party Improv Workshops
Wanna get more involved and be a part of the acts?  Learn the ‘Basics of Improv’ including the skills of communication, listening, acceptance, and team building.  Perfect for teen and adult parties!

*Corporate Improv Team-Building Workshops
This is PERFECT for corporate team building!  Let loose and let the improv troupe guide you through fun improv games to build Team Commitment and Concept Commitment!  Customized to your workplace.