A Real Hoot and Great Conversation Starters!

HANDWRITING ANALYSIS, also known as Graphology


Your handwriting has a lot more to say about you than you’ve probably realized. We’ll have you write a few sentences and sign your name. Then, spend a few minutes with a graphologist who will give you insight into your personality, desires and talent. Want to know about your compatibility with others or your compatibility with a job? What about your strengths or untapped areas of potential?

This attraction is even more fun when couples and friends come up together.

Did you know?…
Handwriting analysis is not only fun for parties, it has real scientific merit! Graphologists are used routinely in forensics and psychology.

LIP PRINT READINGS, also known as Lipsology

Your lips can say more about you than meets the eye.  With careful evaluation, a certified lipsologist will reveal characteristics about your personality, emotions, and energy level.

So, go ahead and kiss and tell!

Insightfully Fun!