Boost Confidence and Increase Self-Esteem!

FITNESS FUNOur fitness coaches lead fitness fun sessions with hip-hop dance, jump rope, yoga, aerobics, and more. Learn the values of respect, patience, and perseverance in life starting with some kid friendly fitness fun.  Perfectly suited for camps and any ‘get up and get moving’ program.


images‘I Can Do It’

We bring gymnastics to you.  For a birthday party or a camp, we can get all your guests experiencing the fun of gymnastics. We’ll bring the mats, the instructor(s), and all the equipment and we’ll have everyone somersaulting, rolling, balancing, flipping, and doing handstands safely.  Kids from 2-14 will love this program.  We can do a one time visit or a series of gymnastics sessions enabling kids to build their skills and confidence.


FitnessFun-2Team Games

Got lots of kids and don’t know what to do with them?  Our games coach is ready to jump in and help.  We’ll organize team games to keep the kids active and engaged.  Games may include potato sack races, relay races, egg toss, hula hooping, limbo, and lots more.  The best part is the PRIZES.  Includes prizes and a sound system so everyone is sure to hear the coach and not miss a thing.  Ready… Set… Go!