So Adorable and Perfectly Cuddly! Suited as the Main Attraction or as the Ultimate Party Favors & Gifts.


Workshop includes multiple activity stations: Stuffing, Make-a-Wish, Birth Certificate Coloring, Name Tags, and Jewelry Making. An optional add on station is coloring a t-shirt for your cuddly or coloring a hide-away-knapsack for carrying your new friend.

We bring an assortment of adorable, stuffable plush animals. such as bunnies, penguins, turtles, bears, cats & dogs, cute dragons, dinosaurs and more. Doing a Safari theme, Farm theme or Sea theme, let us know and we’ll bring cuddlies to match. Kids choose their favorite and then we lead them step by step through each workshop station. We love seeing kids hug ’em and squeeze ’em ‘until their just right.