Fun and Funny!



Our artists are ready to ‘draw up’ some fun with your guests by creating amazing caricatures.

Let them put your best features forward. These exaggerated drawings portray guests at their best!  Caricatures are the perfect take home memento and a fun favorite for all!

Drawings can be full color for the most dramatic look, black and white with a splash of color, or all black and white for an impressive but more speedy result.  They can also be done in full body or just the head and shoulders to accommodate more guests.  Go for a front view or profile.  Go solo or couples and families can be drawn together.


Need a unique GIFT IDEA for someone special?  How about giving a personalized caricature ready to frame and hang on the wall for years to come.  We just need 2-3 great photos and a good description of their character, hobbies and interests.  Choose the Gift Caricature that’s right for you…

Black & White Quick Draw: This is the a most basic sketch done in black and white.  More of a ‘party’ type sketch.

Splash of Color Quick Draw: This is a basic sketch done with a few highlights using colored chalks.

Deluxe Portrait Caricature: This is the one you’ll want displayed on the wall!  Amazing graphics and color, carefully planned layout, lots of detail, matted.  The artist will invest many hours of time on these to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that really captures the subject!

Artful Impression Caricature: These look like they are painted and have a much more artful flair.  If you are looking for a ‘gallery look’, this is the one for you!