BALLOON DECOR: Decorating with Balloons is Transforming

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Decorating for your party or next event can be easier than you think.  Decorating with balloons no longer means balloons floating on a string.  Incredible things can be created with balloons today.  First, choose your colors, theme, and feel that you want.  Do you want to create a space that’s elegant or whimsical?  More sweet or more sporty?  Talk to your balloon professional and tell them your vision or ask them to help you create one if you need ideas.  Another factor to consider is your budget.  A designer can work with a multitude of budgets to create designs suitable to your needs.  Balloons can make any space feel like a party and bring the focal point in and away from the room’s perimeter and walls.  Balloon decor consists of using a combination of things like balloon arches, columns, topiaries, centerpieces, and sculptures.  When done right, balloons will magically transform your space into a vision of your dreams!

Annette Abramson

Baltimore, Maryland

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